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Dan Petroski - Massican Wines

This episode features Dan Petroski, found, winemaker, and creative director of Massican Wines. Dan jokes that Massican is the best white wine winery in Napa Valley. Our conversation covers Dan’s background with magazines, a career in publishing, his ventures in Sicily, learning to make wine in California, Dan’s experiments focused on the elimination of additives, the pied du cuve at Larkmead Vineyards, Massican Blue in the Harvard pigment library, Dan’s number one secret to success. salinity in white wines, saliva drivers, and his endeavors with Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon blanc.

This podcast is sponsored by Flextank For nearly 20 years, winemakers in the United States and Europe have used Flextanks to make world-class wines. Flextanks have many uses in a winery including the maturation of wines. They breathe like a barrel with precise and consistent linear micro-oxygenation to your wines. The Flextank system uses its proprietary Flexstaves line of staves which are sourced from premier French and American cooperages to age both red and white wines.

Today’s technologies are playing a bigger and bigger role in wineries these days. Flextanks have a long track record of replacing traditional wood oak barrels with a revolutionary breathable polymer that is scientifically engineered to achieve Oxygen Transfer Rates similar to your choice of either a 2-year or neutral barrel. Independent scientific studies and trials have validated this technology. Unlike a barrel, however, the molecules you want to retain- like ethanol and water- do not escape the Flextank wall, which means these tanks do not lose the Angel’s share as with barrels…this means less topping is needed.

Not only do Flextanks breathe like a barrel, but they are also unbelievably simple to clean- reducing water and labor costs- and are designed in a variety of sizes and profiles to make more efficient space use in any cellar. Flextanks are built here in the United States and come with a free lifetime warranty.

To learn more about how you can modernize your winery and lower your barreling costs, simply go to Discover how the Flextank system with Flexstaves is today’s new way to make award-winning wines.

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