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This episode is the second in the chemistry series and focuses on the acidity elements of pH and TA (Ep. 56 was on sugar and alcohol).  Dave Nakaji, winemaker for Sebastiani Vineyards and Winery, came on the podcast to discuss how he integrates pH and TA as parameters to guide his decision-making all the way through from grapes to finished wine.  Beyond his experience with wine, Dave has a PhD in organic chemistry, and the rare ability to simplify the complex understanding of acid chemistry as it is applied to winemaking.  The next episode (Ep. 68) will feature Dave's full interview.  After Dave and my discussion of pH and TA, Casey Banach from Hanna Instruments joins the podcast to review the care and maintenance of pH meters.  


This podcast is brought you by Hanna Instruments.  Makers of edge and Halo Wine pH meters, these tools are purpose built for winery environments.  The edge Wine pH meter is rich in features including using digital electrodes that can be swapped out anytime to switch to a different parameter, built in rechargeable battery, two USB ports, datalogging, automatic calibration, and Hanna‚Äôs exclusive calibration check feature that will alert the user to potential problems during calibration including when to clean the electrode and when the buffer might be contaminated. The edge Wine pH meter is a versatile pH meter for winemaking that be used as a benchtop, portable and even a wall mount to conserve space.

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