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3 Michigan Winemakers - Sean O'Keefe, Bryan Ulbrich, and JayBriggss

The folks who put on the City of Riesling invited me to their events this past June in Traverse City, Michigan.  I had a great time, was introduced to the many of the people who are at the helm of Michigan's viticulture, got to taste a lot more than just Riesling, and recorded six podcasts with winemakers from around the world.  This episode features Sean O'Keefe, Bryan Ulbrich, and Jay Briggs, three winemakers based in Traverse City.  These guys have been prominent in the skillful handling of Vinifera and modern winemaking that is demonstrating that wines from this special place within Michigan are world-class.  Halfway through the episode, Bob Bertheau from Chateau Ste Michelle in Washington state, slips in and widens the prospective of high-latitude winemaking.  



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