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This podcast is the third installment where I answer winemaking and vineyard questions that have been submitted by email. If you would like to submit a question, please send them to

Sign-ups for Deep Winemaking are now open. If you are interested in coming to Napa to learn technical winemaking for three days in August, please check out further details here. These events are a lot of fun for beginners and competent winemakers alike.


This podcast is brought you by, a new division of Scott Laboratories dedicated to oak infusion products. The Oak Labâ„¢ was founded with the vision of changing the perspective of the oak infusion market by developing and embracing new technologies, and re-imagining the process of product trials, selection, and application. Their line of premium quality oak infusion products is paired with a revolutionary process for bench trials and the ability to create unique, customized blends based on your wines. 


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