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This episode is focused completely on Riesling.  Scott Sisemore, who is the man behind Waxwing Wine Cellars, began making only Pinot noir and Syrah, then when the time came to add a white wine to his portfolio made a very deliberate decision to make Riesling.  Unlike many other white wines, Riesling requires a vintner to strategize a intentional style of final wine, and then a plan for its vinification.  After tasting through the full range of styles of Riesling, particularly focusing on the level of final sweetness and its balance with acidity, Scott set out to create his Waxwing Riesling.  During our conversation Scott recounts the methods and challenges that he has encountered during the initial vintages of his experience struggling with Riesling.  A good winemaker can create a sound winemaking plan.  A great winemaker can assess the realities of a difficult situation and adjust at every step of winemaking.  This episode is full of Scott's experiences grappling with the fickle varietal that is Riesling.

Make sure and listen to the end where Scott offers Inside Winemaking listeners an exclusive deal on the Waxwing Wines.  

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