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Tony Biagi - Patria Wines

This episode features Tony Biagi a winemaker who has a tremendous resume of winemaking in Napa Valley. Our conversation covered Tony’s background, the role of a winemaking consultant, Tony’s demand for “a pound of flesh” during harvest, his wines from Paso Robles and other regions in California. Tony was incredibly candid about the development and operations of Patria Wines, his personal wine project.


Patria Wines - Napa Valley

Amici Cellars - Napa Valley

Lasseter Family Winery - Sonoma Valley

Hourglass Winery - Napa Valley

The Vineyardist - Napa Valley

Caliza Winery - Paso Robles

Jada Vineyard - Paso Robles

Alma Rosa Winery - Santa Barbara County


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