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This episode of the Podcast is a Zoom recording with Lance Vande Hoef who represents the grape machine harvest equipment for Pellenc in the US. We recorded this podcast with video in order to make it available as a Youtube video to show some of the Pellenc equipment in action. Pellenc makes tractors, harvesting machines, destemmers, sorters, and hand equipment, but much of our conversation centers around their machine harvesting capabilities and the ability to harvest and press in the field for white and rosé winemaking. We recorded this podcast in September 2020. For harvest of 2021, Lance’s son, Blake Vande Hoef, has begun offering in-field pressing services with Pellenc equipment in his new venture, Integrity Wine Company.

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This episode features Peter Yeung and Robert Vernick from the X Chateau Wine Podcast. Peter and Robert collectively offer a tremendous source of insight into the wine market, winemaking trends, sales trends, finance, and customer engagement based in a shared fascination for studying and drinking wine. In 2019 Peter co-authored the book Luxury Wine Marketing. This episode is not focused on winemaking per se but presents a wealth of ideas that winemakers can consider for their own marketing strategies. Listeners can explore the topics from this episode in much more depth on the X Chateau Podcast, which is available on all podcast platforms

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