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This episode features the features Garrett Buckland in a conversation about strategies to adjust farming winegrapes during a changing climate. Garrett, who has been on the podcast before, is a consulting viticulturist based in Napa, and one of the first people I call with difficult vineyard questions.

This podcast was recorded in July, 2020, a month before California suffered catastrophic fires across the state and affected nearly every winegrowing region on the Pacific Coast. Hindsight allows a perspective that reveals a glaring blind spot in our discussion of climate change. We never once mentioned fires nor smoke and yet that would become the defining element of the 2020 vintage. It was a part of climate change that we had under-appreciated in magnitude.

I do believe there is a great deal of valuable discussion of technical viticulture in this episode with Garrett. He came through on my request to outline strategies to adjust vineyard practices to maximize vine health, farm high quality grapes, and think about how to farm grapes in changing climate.


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